Pineapple-Mango Kombucha Tea is the perfect combination of kombucha and mango, pineapple concentrate and premium oolong tea extract to create an irresistible delicious flavor. Instant nutritional supplements help you recharge for an effective working day.

Ingredients: Kombucha tea extract, pineapple juice, green tea extract (from fresh tea leaves), fresh fruits (pineapple, mango), fructose syrup, vitamin C (extracted from sori fruit), zinc gluconate, pectin (from fruits).

Solutions Packaging: In 1 serving of 17gr

Benefits: Provides abundant probiotics, helps balance the intestinal microflora, supports effective digestion, reduces symptoms of bloating, indigestion, and constipation. Antioxidant, helps strengthen the immune system, improve resistance, prevent colds, coughs, and runny noses. Helps reduce bad cholesterol, good for the heart. Provides energy, enhances overall health

Origin : Manufacturing High-Tech Health Supplements – Asia Life Vietnam

Storage: The product is easily hygroscopic so store it carefully in the bag and use it immediately when taken out. Preserved in dry, cool place

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