Health supplement – Glow Bright skin whitening capsules are a perfect combination of high levels of Glutathione and Fern extract – 100% from natural, supplemented with vitamins and active ingredients to help improve skin problems, committed to not containing substances harmful to the body, quality tested by the Ministry of Health. , extremely safe for health. Bringing women a great beauty product, helping to make the skin healthy, white and bright, fade melasma, freckles and limit the skin aging process.

Ingredients: Combination of many ingredients that have skin-beautifying effects including: L-gluthatione, fern extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin B3, vitamin C and ZinC Gluconat

Solutions Packaging: 60mg x 60 capsules

Benefits: Resists UV rays, ultraviolet rays, protects skin from environmental impacts. Helps reduce freckles and dispel dark spots. Restore vision. Supplement vitamins to brighten skin, reduce wrinkles and prevent aging. Preventing cases of blindness due to macular degeneration and cataracts

Origin: Manufacturing High-Tech Health Supplements – Asia Life Vietnam

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, 2 capsule/day

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