We understand that each individual has unique health needs. That’s why Asia Life invests in researching and producing its products from natural plant-based active ingredients, each serving multiple purposes and meeting the highest market standards.

Manufactured in a GMP certified factory

With the strength of owning its own Research & Development (R&D) center and being the first GMP-certified manufacturing facility in Dak Lak, Asia Life has taken control of research, development, production and packaging in various formulations.

With a diverse and modern machinery chain, we can accommodate most formulations in the production of health supplements and functional foods, ensuring flexibility to meet all customer needs.

Asia Life chose to establish its manufacturing plant in Dak Lak for several reasons.

The organic relationship between the factory and the raw material area is one of the factors that promote and improve the efficiency of production and business activities. Understanding this rule, Asia Life has focused on linking production with the construction and development of raw material areas right in Dak Lak to create sustainable and effective progress.

Asia Life factory not only produces quality products but also creates sustainable development opportunities for the community and society. Not only stopping at moral obligations or image values, Asia Life always considers corporate responsibility to the environment and society as a substantive and intrinsic responsibility.

For Asia Life, becoming a manufacturer with a factory in Dak Lak is a matter of enthusiasm and pride in contributing with its scale to the local economic and industrial development, while helping to reduce impact on the environment.