Powder Production Line

The powder production line utilizes heat drying, freeze drying, and spray drying technologies. The powder is then refined using ultrafine grinding technology, achieving particle sizes ranging from 250 to 500 mesh. The packaging line is fully automated with 10 fully integrated vertical packaging machines, supported by conveyor belts.

Water Production Line

Liquid form is produced from a circulating extraction system and vacuum concentration to ensure complete recovery of active ingredients in medicinal herbs, preserving the nutritional value and sensory properties of the product. The water packaging line is fully automated with a rotary station, supported by conveyor belts.

Gummy Production Line

Produced from a fully automated gummy manufacturing system, which is a closed-loop process from raw material mixing to final product before packaging. The oil-based ingredients are sourced entirely from locally processed and extensively extracted, concentrated and spray-dried materials from the company’s extraction system. 

Hard Capsule Production Line

The production line for hard capsules is an automated system. The equipment is newly invested in modern technology with high precision and efficiency. Raw materials are prepared and strictly quality-checked before blending according to the formula and introduced into the capsule pressing machine. The size, color, and weight of the hard capsules can be customized to meet the requirements.


Production Area

The production area comprises the following manufacturing lines:

Solid Form Line: Hard Capsules, Powders: 250 m2

Liquid Form Line: Solutions, Syrups, Gummies: 227 m2

Secondary Packaging Area: 62 m2

Above, there is a technical floor for installing air conditioning systems.

The production area is designed according to a one-way workflow with separate paths for humans, materials, and packaging.

The manufacturing facility features concrete frame construction, outer walls, ceilings, and walls panels combined with glass; surfaces of walls, ceilings, and floors are coated with epoxy, making them waterproof, easy to clean, and dust-free. Corners and edges between floors, walls, and ceilings are rounded, without protrusions, ensuring easy cleaning.

Testing Laboratory

The testing area is located away from the production workshop. 

Total area: 86 m2, including the following main areas:

  • Physical Testing Area 
  • Microbiological Testing Area 

Sample Storage and Stability Testing Area.

The physical testing area includes: Central physical testing laboratory, instrument cleaning area, weighing room, chemical storage cabinets, thermal equipment room, fume hood.

The microbiological testing area includes an A-grade cleanroom for bacterial culture within a D-grade cleanroom; media preparation room, incubation room, sterilization room, and an area for changing clothes before entering the D-grade cleanroom.