KUMQUAT LEMON TROPICAL FRUIT TEA is a refreshing and vitamin-rich drink, made from refreshing natural ingredients such as green lemon, kumquat, and fresh green tea leaf extract. Kumquat lemon tea is not only a delicious drink but also brings many health benefits. This is a great option to enjoy any time of day.

Ingredients: Green lemon, kumquat, green tea extract (fresh tea leaves), fruit (kumquat, green lemon), fructose syrup, vitamin C (extracted from sori fruit), zinc gluconate, pectin (from fruit)

Solutions Packaging: In 1 packet of 17gr

Benefits: Cools the body. Strengthens the immune system, helping the body fight against pathogens. Supports digestion and provides energy. Stimulating metabolism, this drink is also a reliable companion in your weight loss journey

Origin : Manufacturing High-Tech Health Supplements – Asia Life Vietnam

Storage: The product is easily hygroscopic so store it carefully in the bag and use it immediately when taken out. Preserved in dry, cool place

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