Dietary supplements – Whey protein powder for muscle increase is a source of high quality protein extracted from milk. Its main use is to support muscle gain and muscle recovery after exercise, in addition to helping stimulate muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. Helps you feel full longer and maintain a stable weight, helping you control food intake and achieve your muscle gain goal without gaining excess weight.

Ingredients : Whey protein isolate, mct, cocoa powder, fiber, arhat extract, stevia, vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor

Solutions Packaging : In 1 box of 1000gr

Benefits: Provides pure protein source, fast absorption and high biological value. Supports effective muscle building. Promotes faster recovery after exercise. Creates a feeling of fullness for a long time, reduces appetite. Improve exercise performance. Natural ingredients and safe for daily use as a nutritional supplement

Origin: Manufacturing High-Tech Health Supplements – Asia Life Vietnam

Storage:  Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures

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